COM And ActiveX

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I have only a few COM and ActiveX things.

Introduction to COM Automation (an unfinished work )

Sequential Stream Server: Automation sample with a simple implementation of the ISequentialStream standard interface.

Message Server: Automation sample with a simple custom interface.

Sample of the Registry Entries for a Simple COM Object

What is ActiveX (random material about confusing terminology)


The From CPP to COM (missing from the MSDN) article is worthwhile to read (but it is missing from the MSDN).


I am using various SDK samples to learn from; a couple of them are:

Since the DCOM Simple Sample server and the OLE Automation Marshaller sample server do not have a type library or an IDispatch interface, they cannot be accessed from most any development facility (compiled or script) other than C and C++.

I will try to (briefly) describe the DCOM Simple Sample. That sample consists of both a server and a client and they are both console programs. The server has a CClassFactory class derived from IClassFactory and a CSimpleObject class derived from IStream. The client uses CoCreateInstanceEx to create a CLSID_SimpleObject and then gets a IStream* from the (first) MULTI_QI structure.