COM And ActiveX

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I have only a few COM and ActiveX things.

Introduction to COM Automation (an unfinished work )

Sequential Stream Server: Automation sample with a simple implementation of the ISequentialStream standard interface.

Message Server: Automation sample with a simple custom interface.

Sample of the Registry Entries for a Simple COM Object

What is ActiveX (random material about confusing terminology)


The From CPP to COM article is worthwhile to read (but it is missing from the MSDN).


I am using various SDK samples to learn from; a couple of them are:

Since the DCOM Simple Sample server and the OLE Automation Marshaller sample server do not have a type library or an IDispatch interface, they cannot be accessed from most any development facility (compiled or script) other than C and C++.

I will try to (briefly) describe the DCOM Simple Sample. That sample consists of both a server and a client and they are both console programs. The server has a CClassFactory class derived from IClassFactory and a CSimpleObject class derived from IStream. The client uses CoCreateInstanceEx to create a CLSID_SimpleObject and then gets a IStream* from the (first) MULTI_QI structure.

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