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I see the term "overwrite" often used when the term "override" should be used. I noticed that Germans do that. After seeing many occurrences of that, I tried at least once to tell someone that "overwrite" is incorrect but then that person insisted it is correct. So I sent a message to Nicolai M. Josuttis asking if I was correct that Germans often use "overwrite" incorrectly. The following is his response (used by permission):

Yes overwriting and overriding can mean the same in German. One reason is that the German term for overriding in C++ is "├╝berschreiben" which is the literal translation of "overwriting" (probably caused by some historic sloppy first translation, or however foreign terms are created). In fact, one of my books which currently gets translated into English by a professional translation company did contain the same mistake.

The following are my definitions of the English words "overwrite" and "override":

To replace something with something else such that the original does not exist
To use something instead of something else, such that the original continues to exist for use when not overridden

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