Simple CEditView Application

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This is a sample simple use of CEditView.

Start by using the AppWizard to generate a SDI or MDI application that uses CEditView for the View. (The following description is based on version 5 of VC; it might be a little different for VC 6.) You would specify CEditView in the final page of the AppWizard dialog pages. When AppWizard displays the list of classes to generate, it provides the ability to specify what view to use. That is where you would want to specify CEditView. When you compile the generated application as-is you will have an application that does most everything Notepad does.

Note that somewhere in the AppWizard dialog boxes there is a way to specify file extensions and related constants for your document. You would probably want to specify txt for your document. Instead of doing that, though, it is also possible to modify the document parameters after the application has been generated. See Q129095 - INFO: Format of the Document Template String for documentation of that. Modification of the Document Template String is also a good idea after application generation because there are customizations there that can be modified only in that manner.

Edit Menu

The generated application will not have "Select All", "Find" and "Find and Replace" in the Edit menu or as keybord shortcuts but they can be easily added. Add the following Accelerator resources:


Add the following menu items to your Edit menu:

ID_EDIT_SELECT_ALL Select A&ll\tCtrl+A
ID_EDIT_FIND &Find\tCtrl+F
ID_EDIT_REPLACE R&eplace\tCtrl+H

That is all you need to do. MFC will do the rest.

Window Menu

Also, the generated application will have "Tile" menu item in the "Window" menu but you can easily provide both "Tile Vertically" and "Tile Horizontally". Change the "Tile" menu item to:

ID_WINDOW_TILE_VERT Tile &Vertically
ID_WINDOW_TILE_HORZ Tile &Horiziontally


The modification in HOWTO: How to Save and Restore State of Dockable Toolbars is easy, except I am not sure whether it is necessary for Visual C++ version 6. The article does not list versions above 4 but the article seems to apply to version 5 at least. One important detail is that you will probably get an assertion unless you put the call to LoadBarState at the bottom of OnCreate, but that is not clear in the KB article.

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