Opening a web site in Microsoft Expressions Web 4 for Local Editing

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Warning: do not use this. I had a problem. I will update this when I get it right.

I had a problem editing this web site (hosted by GoDaddy) using Microsoft Expressions Web 4 as a local site, in other words getting Expressions Web to download my site to my local system for editing, similar to  Can't seem to access existing website with Expression Web.. I tried to follow the instructions provided by paladyn but it seemed to not work properly. The following is what I did instead.

Uninstall Front Page Extensions if possible. For hosted sites you need to use your hosting company's mamgement features to do it. Front Page Extensions is not supported by Microsoft. In my case, I did not have the option to uninstall it.

Then open the site for live editing as a FTP site.

If there are any "_vti_cnf" folders then delete them. They are from Front Page Extensions and will prevent Expressions Web from getting the files. There is probably one in every folder (the root folder and every subfolder). That might not be easy if your site is larger than this one but for most sites it is likely easy enough to do.

Select "Site" | "Site Settings" then select the Publishing tab. Add a publishing destination. Connection type: File System. Check "Include subsites" if applicable. Click Okay.

Click the Publishing tab at the bottom of Expressions Web. Click on "Connect to publishing destination". Specify whatever name is meaningful to you and select a local directory to download to. Click Okay. The FTP site will be on the left and your local file system on the right.

Select "Site" | "Publish all files to [name]". "Publish changed files" will probably also work since you rlocal directory will initially be empty. If the download is interrupted by a "_vti_cnf" folder then delete it and restart using "Publish changed files".

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