Simple Sample DNN Module

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Use the following procedure to create a the simple DNN module.

Log into DNN as host.

Go to "Host" | "Extensions" then click on the "Create New Module" button. From the "Create Module From" Dropdown box select "New". Do the following for both the Owner Folder and the Module Folder:

  • Click the "Add Folder" button
  • Enter the name "SimpleModule"
  • Click the "Create Folder" button

Choose the language (C# or Visual Basic) you prefer.

Enter View.ascx for the File Name.

Enter Simple Module for the Module Name.

Check the "Add Test Page?" checkbox.

Click the Create Module button.

The module will be created with a page saying "Congratulations". Leave the DNN site open at that page.

In Visual Studio, open the web site. In the Solution Explorer you will see the new module in the DesktopModules folder. Open the View.ascx file and switch to Design View.

Change the text of the page, then save the page. Go to the DNN site and refresh the page. You will get the page with your modifications in it.

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