Creating and Editing a DNN Page

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The Page Name is both the name for the URL and is the name used in the menu.

The parent page is the parent in the menus.

Insert page determines where the page should go in the navigation structure.

The Templatrews folder specifies a folder to look in for a template and Page Temlate specifies the template from that folder. To create a totally blank page, choose None.

Then you can specify Permissions for the page. Usually you will want to select "All Users" for viewing only.

The skin and/or container can be selected in the Advanced Settihngs.

When creating a page, if more than one line is put into the "Pages" box then one page will be created for each line. If a line is precedded by ">" then it is created as a sub-menu.


Editing a DNN page is not the same as in a normal HTML page. For DNN we usually must put a module in a page and then edit or configure the module.

In this tutorial, we will put a HTML module in a page and then put some HTML in it. When a blank DNN site is first installed, the home page does not have much more than a menu in it. You can put a HTML module in the Home page to put text into it.

While at the DNN Home page for your site, hover over the "Edit Page" button then click the "Edit This Page" button. Hover over the "Edit Page" button again then check the checkbox for "View in Layout Mode". Note that there is a "ContentPane". The Layout Mode will probably be ended automatically but at least you have the opportunity now to see the various panes.

Click "Modules" | "Add new module". We are adding a new module to the page. There will be a strip of large buttons for modules. Find the "HTML" module. Drag it down to the ContentPane. The panes will not be showing as they were in Layout Mode but you will know you have the ContentPane because it will say so when you hover over it.

Note: I forget, but you might need to change the permissions for the module; probably not, but I need to check that.

Hover the mouse over the Pencil icon in the top right then select "Edit Content". Edit the contents. Note that also in the top right is an icon for an HTML editor options. There will also be an icon in the top left for a few editor options but only a few. When done, click "Save".

Hover the mouse over the Settings icon (the one that looks like a gear) then select "Settings". Change the "". When done, click the "Update" button.

When done editing the page, click on "Edit Page" again then click on "Close Edit Mode".

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