Configuring the Social Groups Module

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This describes how to configure the Social Groups Module after it thas been added. Add the Social Groups Module in the same way as other modules.

Activity Page

After adding the Social Groups module, create an Activity Page. Put it under the groups page but it does not need to be in the menu. Set the permissions to allow all users to view it. You can remove the HTML module in it. Then add the Social Groups module to it. Put the module in the left pane.

Not using Auto the Configure button: Then instead of clicking the Auto Configure button, before adding the page, go to the Settings and change the Module View Mode to View (not List). Then add the page.

Using Auto the Configure button: Then add the page. Then click the Auto Configure button. Then in the modules Setttings, change the Module View Mode to View (not List).

Then return to the first groups module and in the Settings in the Group Module Settings page set the Group View Page to the new page (the Activity page).

Then modules can be added to the activity page, such as the Journal Module. Add them to the left pane.

Members page

Create a page called Members. The parent will be Groups. Exclude it from the menus. Allow all members to view it. Remove the HTML module. Add the Social Groups module to the left pane. In the Settings, set the Module View Mode to View. Then add the Member Directory module below it. Then change the Settings for the Member Directory module. In the Member Diretory Settings tab under "Filters and Sorting" change the "Filter By" to Group. Also in the Search Settings disable the "Display Search". Then click "Update".

Side menu

Add the Console module to the right pane of the Activity page. Then in the Settings for the module in the Console Settings tab select Group for the mode. After doing that, for "Show children of" choose the Groups page. The defaults can be used for everything else, but you can unselect "Allow icon resize" and unselect "Allow view change". You can change "Default icon size" to "No icons". Click "Update". You can use "Add existing module" to add the Console module to the Members page.


This describes how to create groups and add the Social Groups module without the Auto Configure button.

If we go to "Admin" | "Security Roles" then click on the "Add New Role" button then you will an option "Security Mode." When we click on the dropdown then we get:

  • SecurityRole
  • SocialGroup
  • Both

SocialGroup is for creating a group. A group can be created by specifying the following:

Role Name
Something appropriate.
Something appropriate.
Role Group
Keep the default "< Global Roles >".
Public Role
Set for public if appropriate.
Auto Assignment
Leave unchecked.
Securith Mode

Click "Update".

Next we need to create a page to see the groups. First create a page called "Groups" visible to everyone. Then add the module Social Groups. To understand how social groups work, instead of clicking on the Auto Configure button, go to the "Settings" for the Social Groups module then click on the "Group Module Settings" tab just to see what is there but do click on "Update".

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