Scrolling Text Marquee Control

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The HTML MARQUEE Element creates a scrolling text marquee, but there is not an equivalent provided by Microsoft for desktop applications. The following is a simple sample of a scrolling text marquee control for a Windows Forms application.

The control uses a Timer object. For each timer tick, the text to scroll is updated by moving the current first character to the last character position. This causes the affect of the text continually scrolling. The text is written directly to the control’s window using TextRenderer.DrawText.

To use the control, simply add the UserControl to a form and then during execution, such as in the form’s constructor, set the UserControl’s Text property to the text to scroll. If you are unfamiliar with the use of UserControls, then simply add the following ScrollingTextControl.cs file to the project, then build the project to ensure that Visual Studio sees it as a UserControl, then drag the ScrollingTextControl from the Toolbox onto the form.

using System;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Windows.Forms;

namespace ScrollingTextControlSample
public partial class ScrollingTextControl : UserControl
Timer MarqueeTimer = new Timer();
String CurrentText = "Scrolling text";
String OurText;
UInt32 OurScrollAmount = 1;
BehaviorType OurBehavior = BehaviorType.Scroll;
DirectionType OurDirection = DirectionType.Forward;

enum BehaviorType {Scroll, Alternate, Slide}

enum DirectionType {Forward, Backward}

public ScrollingTextControl()
MarqueeTimer.Interval = 85;
MarqueeTimer.Enabled = true;
MarqueeTimer.Tick += new EventHandler(MarqueeUpdate);

public int ScrollDelay
get { return MarqueeTimer.Interval; }
set { MarqueeTimer.Interval = value; }

public UInt32 ScrollAmount
get { return OurScrollAmount; }
set { OurScrollAmount = value; }

public DirectionType Direction
get { return OurDirection; }
set { OurDirection = value; }

public BehaviorType Behavior
get { return OurBehavior; }
set { OurBehavior = value; }

public override String Text
get { return OurText; }
set { OurText = value; CurrentText = OurText; }

private void ScrollingTextControl_Paint(object sender, PaintEventArgs e)
// ToDo: Padding
TextRenderer.DrawText(e.Graphics, CurrentText, Font, ClientRectangle,

void MarqueeUpdate(object sender, EventArgs e)
// ToDo: Direction
// ToDo: Loop (number of times to play)
CurrentText = CurrentText.Substring((int)OurScrollAmount) + CurrentText[0];

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