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See Memberwise Assignment and Initialization.

One important part is the following syntax for an "operator="override:

type& type :: operator=( [const | volatile] type& )

Which means that for FunctList the "operator=" override needs to be declared something like:

FunctList& operator=(FunctList &pf);

Also be sure to use "this" in "operator=" overrides as shown in examples, unless you are sure it is not necessary. So your "operator=" override needs to have assignment statements in the following format:


where "?" is a member variable that needs to be copied. Finally, the "operator=" override needs to return "*this" as in the following:

return *this;

So the following are samples of "operator=" functions. The first one is very basic:

class CSimple {
	int m_SomeNumber;
	CSimple() {m_SomeNumber=0;}
	virtual ~CSimple(){}
	CSimple &operator=(const CSimple &Parameter) {
		this->m_SomeNumber = Parameter.m_SomeNumber;
		return *this;

This other one has a CList collection member:

class CWithList {
	virtual ~CWithList();
	int m_SomeNumber;
	CString m_Name;
	CList <COperation,COperation&> m_SomeList;
	CWithList &operator=(const CWithList &Parameter) {
		this->m_SomeNumber = Parameter.m_SomeNumber;
		this->m_Name = Parameter.m_Name;
		return *this;

Note that if you are using the CArray collection instead of CList, you could use "Copy" instead of "AddHead".

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