Microsoft Is Not Social

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The MSDN and Technet forums have the URL "" and "", respectively. So they are called social yet they are not social, right? I do not understand why they are called social. No social discussion is alllowed in any of them, only technical. So I posted a question in the MSDN asking where the social discussion is at. I got many replies and people enjoyed the discussion. Microsoft however seemed to not enjoy it and instead  moved the discussion to the "Do Not Post Here" forum. People continued to post anyway and enjoy the discussion. There was nothing more critical of Microsoft in the discussion than what is here but Microsoft seemed to have taken it as criticism.

Years ago Microsoft had a sense of humor. We could post something humorous in the MSDN forums and Microsoft employees could laugh with us about it. Then something happened. I am not sure what and when but something happened. Perhaps it happened when Microsoft outsourced the moderation of the forums. I think now a simple joke is misunderstood as being a criticism.

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